Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Love the Hell Out of Hate

Everything begins with a seed, be it a natural/physical seed like that of fruit or vegetables, or a spiritual/mental seed of doubt. Or hope. Or defeat. Or determination. 

Human life itself begins with a seed. And seeds eventually grow. When they’re watered and nurtured, they inevitably spring up to produce after their own kind.  

You won’t plant an apple seed and get an orange. An apple seed will eventually produce an apple tree, and that tree will bear apples.

Planting a bell pepper seed won’t get you a cucumber. A bell pepper is what you’ll get. 

You can’t expect to reach a goal that requires your determination if all you’ve ever planted are seeds of doubt. Seeds of doubt grow and produce inaction. A seed of determination will eventually arrive at a met goal or an accomplished dream.

And have you ever seen a human produce anything other than a human? A human seed produces a human being.

This is nature. Her laws are natural/physical and spiritual/mental. She is as she’s always been, and she shall forever remain. When a seed is planted, it will eventually produce.

So let there be no surprise that we’re seeing the fruit of deep-rooted seeds of hate in our nation today. Hate was long ago planted in the hearts of men (species), and we are certainly seeing the product of it. (Matthew 15:17-20) We’re experiencing the fruit from that tree—seeds that have been planted and replanted and replanted in the hearts of men (species) who produced more men (species) who produced more men (species). And on it goes.

We’ve always known the tree was there. We’ve always seen its fruit, but we knew we shouldn’t take of it. We knew its fruit wouldn’t nourish us.

Or maybe, for some, it took for us to eat of the fruit and become poisoned by its juices to learn that we should stay away. We had to learn the hard way that that fruit wasn’t our fruit to eat...that the fruit from the seed of hate wasn't what was best for our diets.

And aren't we tired of the fruit from the seed of hate, whether we've eaten it ourselves or simply watched what eating it has done to others? Isn't it high time that we choose to remove that fruit from our diets, and encourage others to do the same for our overall health? Do you, like me, want to see a move toward healthier living?

Let's plant seeds of love. 

Let's grow a different tree. Let's very intentionally nurture its fruit so it can produce more of its kind that will plant and replant and replant love in the hearts of men (species) for generations to come.

When given the opportunity to repay evil for evil, let's choose to love instead. Let's overcome evil with good, being careful to do what is right in the eyes of everyone (Romans 12:17-20). Let's not be overcome by hate and evil.

Love with your words. Love with your deeds. Love with what you post. Let even your body language speak love, as it has the power to heap burning coals on hate's head (Proverbs 25:21-22). 

Be intentional about loving your neighbor. Initiate conversations that are wrapped in peace and that focus on goodness. Intentionally plant seeds that yield good fruit.

We've watched the seed of hate poison our nation. The fruit is harvesting in abundance. But we can plant seeds of love, and just as nature has promised, the seeds will produce fruit after its own kind. Love gives life; it's the only thing that overcomes hate. And we want that harvest. We want it in just as much bounty as the fruit of today's hate.

And we can have it.

Plant love.
Water love.
Nurture love.
Harvest love.